Happy Birthday Aishah

Happy happy birthday dearest Aishah. ❤️🎉🎂

Alhamdullilah Yang, so good to see so much of you and your sibs… Unbudgeted time haha this year! .. And congratulations, alhamdulillah, so proud to see you making great progress at work, busy-busy yes, find the good balance InsyaAllah yes.

Also, we know that we usually spend your birthday somewhere else but home, during our year-end holiday, so, as Mama says… you got your wish that sometimes it’s good to be home for your birthday hehe! So, we take photo in front of world map lah. 😂

Take care Yang, Mama dan Papa sentiasa doakan that Allah SWT will always guide and watch over you InsyaAllah, selamat, berjaya dan berkat dunia, akhirat Yang. Much love always, Papa 😍🤲🏼❤️ 


21 December 2020

Graduation at St Andrews

Congratulations Aishah, the new neuroscientist in the family! Alhamdullilah Yang, we are all very proud of you. A beautiful ceremony and a sunny day in the ancient University of St Andrews. 😍🎓🎉


21 June 2017