Darwin College Cambridge

Brexin just before Brexit! Finally got the passports and visas sorted, alhamdullilah. Arrived this morning via UAE and straight into a lecture on Managing Development at LSE in the early afternoon, followed by Darwin’s 55th Commemoration Dinner in the evening.

Lovely to see Dr Mary Fowler, the Master of Darwin, with her recently unveiled portrait by the portrait artist Paul Brason. As Mary remarked in her after dinner speech, her 5 year old grandson declared at the painting’s unveiling; “Its a Master piece!”. Smart boy this, good genes! Mary’s illustrious term is coming to an end this October 2020. Typical of her humility and deep affection for our college, her portrait features, uniquely, not just that of the master, but also the college and the bridge that the Darwin family built into our very own island. Deep respect and much thanks for what Mary has done and achieved for us. 🙏👩‍🎓🗝️


31 January 2020