Cambridge Central Mosque

Alhamdullilah, a historic day with the official opening of the Cambridge Eco Mosque. With its award winning architecture and exemplary eco credentials, a most fitting addition to this global and ancient seat of learning, wisdom and mutual understanding

While HE President Erdoğan of Turkey, Yusuf Islam, the Bishop of Cambridge and other community leaders did the honors, the masjid was the culmination of more than ten years of work and many decades of ambition by the many, well known and unsung in the UK and indeed world Muslim community. Two worth mentioning. Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad (aka Tim Winter) of Cambridge University and Cambridge Muslim College and Allahyarhamah Baraka Khan. The former strived for decades and the latter devoted her last years in her short but stellar life to fund raising and overcoming the many challenges to bring the mosque to reality. Alhamdullilah, lucky to be present today, may the masjid be the beacon to light up Cambridge and beyond. 🙏🕋🤲 


6 December 2019