A week discussing Strategic, Ethical, ESG and Tech Investing

Alhamdullilah, the week past turned out to be an Investment Fest Week of sorts! Various investment styles were covered in various events, webinars and the latest edition of the “Country Heights MBA”.

From Strategic Investing (at Axiata’s celebration of the book launch of Memories), to Impact Investing (was on a panel on the Ethical Finance Roundtable of the Global Ethical Finance Initiative, with others from Edinburgh, NYC and London), to ESG Investing ( sharing a panel at KLBC with Tan Sri Jemilah, the PM’s Public Health Advisor and EAC member, and Dato Faiz Azmi, KLBC President and PWC Malaysia) to, coincidentally, Tech Investing and Investing in Life Sciences at session #8 of the “Country Heights MBA” by guest speakers, Dr Javier Santiso, founder of Mundi Ventures, and former head of KNB Europe and Sdr. Fares Zahir, CEO of Xeraya Capital, the Malaysian Life Sciences VC.

Was particularly happy to be at KLBC, some 16 years after my speech to them in October 2004, as a newly minted Khazanah CEO, delivering what turned out to be a rather landmark, first major public speech that was effectively an unveiling of what was effectively a kind of “capitalist manifesto” of Khazanah’s strategic pathway. It was therefore quite neat to deliver a close paranthesis of our delivery of a triple bottomline of financial, economic and societal returns under the now mainstream and fast growing agenda of ESG Investing. GEFI was also very interested to listen to our 14 year journey of “Building True Value” of delivering holistic returns. How the world and investing has changed, alhamdullilah. Along with the Ax event, it was really nice to meet old friends in a (socially distanced) physical event.

Our CH MBA was privileged to be treated to insights from the leading edges of investing i.e. in Tech and Life Sciences by two old friends and leading practicioners, Javier and Fares. Old staples like CAPM and Modern Portfolio Theory were also covered by this old teacher 😁. Syukur alhamdullilah, investments is much more than just buying low and selling high… Its ultimately about the noble task of allocating capital and knowing both the price AND value/s of things! 🙏🏼⚖👩‍🎓


31 August 2020