Kajang, Malaysia

Alhamdullilah. On day 77 of 77, on the 77th train, have come full circle, circumnavigating the globe on Kembara Kretapi 2019.. Via 22 countries, 54 cities, 737 hours on transport modes, 63, 543km, 1.6 times the Equatorial circumference of the earth. 77 trains, 1 ocean liner, 1 cruise ferry, multiple taxis, Uber, tuk tuk, trishaw, buses, and unavoidably 8 airplanes. 49 days or 64 pct with my dear Mas, 9 days or 12 pct with various friends, and 19 days en solo! Syukur alhamdullilah, a teenage dream fulfilled. Thank you so much to the many many people, friends, family, strangers, new friends, jzkk 🙏🚂🌏 #kretapikir


28 September 2019