Adelaide, South Australia

Glenelg Beach, Adelaide, South Australia. While Melbourne is technically further south, this feels the most southernmost point of Kembara Kretapi 2019. Maybe its day 73 of 77 and anticipating going home up north of the Equator, maybe its the 2+days on the Indian Pacific train accross the desolate Nullabor Plains from Perth to Adelaide, maybe its just time to go home!

Alhamdullilah, a pretty garden city, Adelaide is one of the few places on KK 2019 thats a first visit, Tibet, Helsinki and Perth being the other three. A city founded by free settlers (ie non criminals nor rebels), its known as a city of churches and has a grid system that is surrounded by beautiful parkland. Time for me to rest and refresh a bit after the trek accross North Island New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Nullabor crossing… Hectic and early starts. Sleep, Mamak food, laundry, personal hygiene and catching a beautiful sunset. Alhamdullilah 🙏🌅❤️ #kretapikir


24 September 2019