Guilin, China

Guilin, China, Days 10 and 11 of KK 2019 (23 and 24 July 2019) .. (catching up, on the Trans Sib!). It is quite appropriate that the legendary beauty of Guilin is home to an inspirational project that has found a way to balance industry and nature and between profits, people and planet. Margie Yang’s Esquel Group’s Integral Project Campus has already made its mark as one of, if not the most advanced and productive textile facility in the world. That is an achievement in itself but to do so with great sensitivity to the environment, and striking the right balance between man and machines (robots in the spinning facility, skilled labor in garments) and with award winning architecture and design is truly outstanding! Margie has been raving about this for years, its a real privilege to see it first hand, a great example for sustainability and to Margie’s visionary leadership.

So much beauty, so little time! Guilin was the reference and inspiration for the flying dragon fight scenes in the movie Avatar and is steep in Chinese arts and culture, singing the praises of the splendor of its karst hills, caves and rivers. The HSR from Nanning into Guilin already gave a glimpse, further confirmed by the stunning Flute Reed Cave and the Li River.

Mas joined KK 2019, flying in from KL, day 1 and 2 for her. Alhamdullilah. TQVM to Margie, JJ, Wayne, Aaron, Olivia, May and everyone for the great hospitality and the inspirational Integral Project. 🙏🎋☯️


3 August 2019


Guilin, Guangxi, China

Scenes from a Chinese river cruise. The expert Cormorant fishermen of the Li River of Guilin has been doing this unique technique since time immemorial. Now with a spruced up Li River and a light and sound show to boot, they have another income stream too. Natural performers, symbiosis between bird and man. Hope they sustain this properly. KK 2019, Day 10. #kretapikir 🐠🦆🚣‍♂️


27 July 2019