Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia. 20th September, day 69 of 77. Just 11 hours in the emerald city by the bay, and now on the 11 hour night sleeper train to Melbourne. Had to fly accross the ditch as they say in these parts from Wellington New Zealand.

Rested mostly in Sydney on a Friday of climate protests and strikes and the start of Rugby WC.. Fridays for the Future!, it’s amazing what Greta the Great has started and its snowballing fast. NZ and Oz tend to go first on any global show of collective action from Earth Day to NYD to Climate Strikes. Going through the reports of gross neglect everywhere and 1.5 degree thresholds vs 2 degrees makes for scary and shocking reading. And all this while KL and Malaysia and indeed the SEA region is under a cloud of haze and climate choke. Wake up call and loud alarm bells, remove the snooze button.

Sydney’s stunningly photogenic harbor is a good example of when Man and Nature can come together in harmony and brings back many loving memories of visits past. And the Mamak in Chinatown had long Qs and satisfied the food-homesick cravings on day 70. Alhamdullilah, we must be grateful for God’s great and beautiful earth. Time and collective and personal action is of the essence; we must leave it in a better place than when we received it, well, for the Greta and future good. InsyaAllah. 🙏🌏🌳 #kretapikir


20 September 2019